Characters can have up to two single-handed weapons, or a single-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon, plus up to 100 points of wargear. No model may be given the same item twice. Models wearing Eklekti armour can only use wargear and weapons marked with an "E".


Pneumatic pistol 1 pt
Pick 2 pts
Incinerator pistol 10 pts
Power pick 25 ptsE
Rock drill 15 ptsE


Pneumatic rifle 3 ptsE
Pneumatic carbine 5 ptsE
Thyreos Shield 15 ptsE


Auxiliary weapon 10 ptsE
Eklekti armour 15 pts
Incinerator bombs 5 pts
Seismic grenades 1 pt
Master-crafted weapon 10 ptsE
Scanner 2 ptsE


Any Demiurg vehicle may be equipped with any of the following options listed in their Army List entry. Any upgrades chosen for a Sidiros squadron must be taken for the entire squadron. No upgrade may be chosen more than once per vehicle.

Boosted actuators 10 pts
Incinerator warhead 10 pts
Mithrillium plating 5 pts
Pintle-mounted pneumatic carbine 10 pts
Searchlight 1 pt
Seismos field 15 pts
Smoke launchers 3 pts

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